• Soraya

    Soraya: dimensione medio/grande. Completamente avvolta da un manto di morbidissima pelliccia leopardata , rigorosamente ecologica, ed internamente rivestita anche da morbido velluto marrone e rifinita da una fine passamaneria dorata. Manici a tracolla in catena dorata. Pezzo unico

  • Lulù

    Size: medium. Small handles wrapped in navy blue grosgrain, external top and bottom edges in dark blue, spruce green, red, yellow and white. Top rim covered in a bright blue satin with bows and appliqués of mother of pearl stones. Internal catch-all pocket in navy blue hand-sewn tulle. One piece only

  • Lavinia

    Size: medium/small.  Black bamboo handles fitted on the bag with silver colored chrome rings, completely covered both externally and internally in a dark gray wool pinstripe. Suede bottom and black trimmings on the bottom edge. Randomly placed mother of pearl teardrops decorate the interior of the bag. One piece only

  • Laura

    Size: medium/small.  Completely covered both externally and internally in red silk brocade, silver colored chrome chain shoulder straps fitted on the bag with chrome silver rings and eyelets. One piece only

  • Ilaria

    Size: medium/small. Handles in a shiny blue cotton cord fitted to the bag with gold colored chrome rings connected to a gold chrome plate. External borders in a navy blue fringed trimming, also used to edge the blue tulle internal lining. One piece only

  • Ursula

    Size: small. Clutch bag made of blue and black silk with lamé threads. Entirely hand-made and sewn, slightly padded to make it manageable and soft to the touch,  internal lining in smooth black silk velvet. One piece only

  • Vittoria

    Size: medium/large. One handle wrapped in dark blue grosgrain and the other wrapped in pink; stitched on the base of the handles are large mother of pearl buttons of the same shade of blue. Decoration with dark blue fringed trimming and internal finish in a pink trimming, dark blue cotton cord and dark blue fringed…

  • Evelina

    Size: medium/small. Handles wrapped in turquoise colored grosgrain, white voile wraps the bag and is tied with a round buckle made of crystal-like turquoise beads. Internal trim in a white cotton cord and turquoise roses. One piece only

  • Maria

    Size: medium/small. One handle wrapped in navy blue grosgrain and the other in white grosgrain. A navy blue tulle scarf wraps the bag and is tied with a big bow and a white rectangular buckle with crystal-like white beads. Internal trim in a white cotton cord. One piece only

  • Elvira

    Size: medium/small. Handles in a coral colored cotton cord mounted on gold colored chrome eyelets. The internal lining of the bag is in a coral colored lace with a few mother of pearl teardrops as decoration. One piece only 

  • Stella

    Size. medium/large: Leather handles and external decoration with real shells, turquoise colored beads  and teardrops of coral paste.  One piece only

  • Carlotta

    Size: medium/small. Black bamboo handles fitted on chrome silver rings. The exterior of the bag is covered with a smooth black silk velvet. Four rhinestones and mother of pearl stones appliqués are highlighted on the black fabric two of which are placed on the sides on two hand-made bows with  black trimming. The inside bottom…