Passion should never be lacking in anything we do, think, dream of or desire, it’s an  “inner fire” that must be nourished and must never go out!

My bags are made with this spirit, each bag is unique and I create it only in that moment when  I feel I want to bring it into being – bring it to life: sometimes it takes place one step at a time until it becomes what I really want  (and sometimes certain pieces remain unfinished for a long time until I “see” it in my mind’s eye); often instead I can see it in my mind, already completed, down to the smallest detail, and then I go to work on it already knowing the final result. Each piece is thus unique in its kind.

I have always loved straw bags,  I remember them overflowing with towels, sun mats and sun creams from the times I went to the beach as a child with my mother; I recall their unmistakable smell when I am working on them and it brings back carefree and happy moments.

I have purchased many handbags over the years but I’ve never found a straw bag that I really liked; I’ve always thought that I would have made it in a certain way rather than another.

I’m a mother now and after years of working abroad in an entirely different sector, interesting as it was, I decided to follow my secret girlish childhood passion for straw bags, wonderful bags made of totally  natural materials. I enjoy an indescribable feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction when I see their transformation from the initial “raw” phase to their final packaging, I love all the work in between, from sewing some parts to pasting others, trying the color combinations, revitalizing them, assembling them, handling them as if they were clay in my hands.

I like to research and personally choose the models of each bag: they must be as natural and untreated as possible to be worked to their best. I choose all the materials used in their creation, all of the highest quality: the most precious braids and trimmings for the individual decoration of each one, colorful stones, mother-of-pearl buttons, bamboo handles, chrome eyelets and links. Satin tapes and ribbons, fabric lanyards, colored gros-grain wrapping the handles. Some of the bags have a “catch-all” pocket inside them, in hand-sewn tulle.

The fabrics used for some of the bags are sometimes of silk brocade, or pure cotton, macramé lace, velvet, pinstripe and other quality fabrics.

What I desire is to give new luster and prestige to these simple materials and thus ‘rethink’ this beautiful product which is so natural and clean.

And why use them just for summer? Why not in other seasons?